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Getting Started is Very Easy...
1. Decide what you want or need to do to help.

Do you want to volunteer your time to raise money to help send a child to camp? If so, simply read the information below on volunteering and how to be involved! Do you want to donate money right now? If so, please visit our donations page. Do you need to obtain court-ordered community-service hours? If so, Visit our sister site for Court Ordered Community Service. Do you need to complete learning-service hours to graduate from school or be promoted to the next grade level? If so, visit our other site  Commmunity Service For School.  Whatever you decide to do, your efforts will have the same wonderful results ~ you are actively engaging in your community, you are helping to make others aware of a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children with special needs and/or life-threatening illness, you are personally sponsoring and helping a child from your community so that he/she can experience what it's like to venture to a cool camp and you are also helping your community by your volunteer work or by completing the requirements you need as set forth by your school or court.
2. Decide how you want to send a child in need to camp.

Do you want to raise money? If so, read our information below on how to do so. Do you want to donate camping gear or other gently used, working equipment? If so,Visit our donations page, Do you want to recycle cell phones and help us earn $ 1 - $ 60 per phone collected? If so, visit our friends at the Wireless Alliance. Do you want to recycle ink cartridges? If so, visit Empties for Cash. 

That's it! To make our world a better place, you either want to volunteer your time (to raise money) or goods (to donate) or you need/want to complete community service hours. Either way (on your own or through the gently coaxing of a school or court), the end result is the same ~ you are choosing to spend your time and efforts in such a way that you will directly and profoundly enhance, uplift, and inspire the life of a child in need. Once you've made the personal decision to work with Reachout America to achieve your  goals, you simply then need to decide how you want to go about doing that. On these pages we provide you with tons of ideas and links to get started today!
Reachout America
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