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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is Reachout America ?
    Reachout America NPO, Inc. is a national non-profit organization, incorporated in Georgia, with a current 501(c)3 determination from the IRS. Our mission is to send special needs children to therapeutic camps across America but we assist children and families who have other issues as well.   back to top

  • How many camps does Reachout America have ?
    Reachout America does not operate any camps. Our primary focus is to support special kids and established camps with funding in order to continue to enhance the lives of people who would otherwise not be afforded this opportunity. We believe other people are better talented and equipped to provide the one-on-one services these fantastic camps do. By using our abilities to raise funds creatively, we are providing a network of existing camps with "found money", namely support they don't have to actively work for, affording them more time to help the kids.  back to top

  • Which camps do the kids attend?
    Reachout America works with a verified and credentialed pool of nearly a 1,000 camps across America, which offer specialized programs, activities and experiences for special needs children. They are experienced in catering to the special children and produce the same results: experiences that will last a lifetime.  back to top

  • How long is the typical camp experience ?
    It varies, but normally 1 week to 1 month.  back to top

  • Are there summer-long camp programs?
    Yes, however our current budget does not permit support for an individual for this length of time.  back to top

  • How much does it cost to send a child to camp ?
    The cost varies depending on the medical requirements of the camper, however, the cost can average anywhere from $200 to $7,900 a week.  back to top

  • What kinds of camps do you use and why?
    We provide support to most campers and camps located in America, as long as special kids are smiling and creating memories. We have largely supported Hippotherapy (horse therapy) camps because they get the children outside and smiling. If you have not heard of Hippotherapy, then you will enjoy this story. Recently we started a fund for the most beautiful 6 year old wheelchair bound girl to do Hippotherapy also known as Therapeutic Horse Riding. (she has Mitochondria - a blood disorder that leaves you without any energy). There is a special bond between people and horses and they take this smiling child and lay her on her stomach in the saddle since she can't sit up. They are there to catch her but when the horse starts to walk she is smiling and hanging on for "Dear Life" at the same time. LOL. What she doesn't realize is that she is working her muscles and balance. (They also use this for down/autistic kids and other disabilities.) She does other therapy as well but she is now sitting up by herself and we like to think that the Hippotherapy has been a large part why. While this bond helps her emotional health, the physical interaction helps her with her balance and muscle development. But, as with most of the campers, whether burn, diabetes, etc., would say: "Hey there are other kids out there just like me". Being special is one thing, feeling that you are not alone, is priceless!  back to top

  • Reachout America is located in Georgia - how can they help my community in another state?
    Reachout America's unique program can help not only your specific community but also communities across America. We have two established programs - School Service Learning program and also a Court Community Service program. These programs provide us with a national platform of support, thereby opening the door for help wherever there is a need, of whatever nature.  back to top

  • Why is Reachout America's Court Community Service program so effective and a responsible and reasonable alternative?
    It really is quite simple. Reachout America offers a reasonable alternative to jail or additional court proceedings, while simultaneously giving back to their community by helping a special needs child or camp in their area. Our program was developed, and has been welcomed, across the country by probation officers, judges, D.A., etc. because they understand the pragmatic difficulties of completing required hours (while still working and/or going to school) within the average non-profit's schedule. Officials also realize that it is not prudent to incarcerate someone due to scheduling problems (not lack of willingness). As budget constraints are tightening, having a viable alternative to jail (at an average cost of $100/day to the taxpayer excluding any "medical" claims, averaging $40,000/incident) is prudent. Community service is a very cost effective alternative to jail. There is no cost associated with our program. There are many ways for the individuals to complete their community service from recycling old used cell phones and ink cartridges, to a car wash or collection container. For example: A decent person is involved in a non-violent offense and may be required to do 40 hours of community service in 4 months (they have a spouse, 2 kids and are going to school at night to better their life). In the first month, he calls the local charities and all he can find is a humane society offering hours between 3 pm and 5 pm on Wednesdays, but they are booked for a week. In the second and third months, he finds the same situation. He is very frustrated because, even though he is willing to clean poop, he cannot do enough of this by his deadline, and he may lose his job if he can't find a place where he can do the hours on the weekend. He wants to find a productive way to help his community. He is now down to the last month to complete 40 hours. He is directed to or finds us. He can speedily place a couple of collection containers, hold two car washes, etc., to complete his hours on time. The best part of this is that the productive use of his required hours enables Reachout America to support a special needs camper or camp in his local area, anywhere in America. This decent person's misfortune now leads to a smile on special child's face - a truly productive and worthwhile service to his community.  back to top

  • What is the Service Learning Program ?
    The Reachout America Service Learning Program is a unique and wonderful educational and enlightening opportunity. Not only can individual students actively engage in but also contribute directly to their particular community while earning academic credit/hours toward their graduation requirements. This program is also a great way for the general public to interact with and participate in the teaching of youth in their neighborhoods. It is a cool mix of both teaching and learning. It offers community members the chance to take part in the active education of its youth and offers the participants seeking the experience of service-learning the chance to identify, address and do something worthwhile about real needs in their own area. As a fun, hands-on approach to education, service-learning allows students to go out into the real world and embark on a plan of action that will directly improve, enhance and uplift the lives of others in their immediate community.  back to top

  • I know of a special child that would enjoy a week of fun or therapy - should I tell him/her to get ready to go to camp?
    Prior to the child being told of their impending adventure, we would prefer to finalize the application with the legal guardians. There are a variety of medical requirements and paperwork that will need to be completed prior to approval being granted. (The child has most likely been through enough - the last thing that we want is for a child to be disappointed that they cannot go to camp due to an adult error like not completing the forms and paperwork.) Please begin the process by completing the Application Form and submitting it to us.  back to top

  • Has Reachout America received any government funding or grants ?
    Reachout America has never applied for or received any grants or government funding.  back to top

  • What are some ways that I can raise funds ?
    There are lots of ways! Please see our Getting Started Page for suggestions, or you may present us with a new idea of your own to help support Reachout America and our SendAKid2Camp program.  back to top

  • How are donations put to use? What % goes to sending kids to camp? What % goes to paying staff and expenses?
    100% of contributions go directly toward the further development and growth of our program. It is our two year goal to have the highest percent to cause ratio in the nation among non-profit foundations.  back to top

  • What is Reflections all about?
    Upon completion of Service Learning or Court Ordered Hours, we encourage the participant to download and complete our Reflection page. We believe that reflection is the key to learning from any experience in life. Taking time to think about what one has been through helps the individual to assess their values and life goals. Through reflection, the community service experience becomes an integral part of the individual's life. Like a seed that is planted, it will blossom over time. The community service completed today directly and profoundly touches and impacts the lives of others (our special children). Reflecting on this experience helps to reinforce the participant's awareness of how their choices influence others in life, now and in the future.  back to top

Reachout America
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