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Hi Bill,

Words cannot express how elated I am that my contribution went to the CRH in Milford, Ohio!!!! I know this facility very well and even attended a fundraiser some years ago. I also participated in a trail ride where I raised money and attended a fun-filled day of trail riding along with lunch and raffle prizes. I have seen the benefits of this wonderful creature, we call a horse, and the benefits they can do . . . I own two horses myself. :)

My heart is overfilled with joy at this moment!
Many thanks to you and all my best!

Thanks again Bill for allowing me to feel REALLY good with how I could make a difference in raising donations for the kids. This has by far been an awesome experience!

Best Regards,
Lenny Rayborn 
This is amazing and wonderful to hear the hard work is going toward such a productive and meaningful cause! 
- Lawrence

Thanks so much Bill! We added your link to our website and I want thank you again for your support. Without people like you we could not do what we do :) God Bless!

Stacey Ryder

Reins From Above Therapeutic Riding Center
"It's not what you take with you, it's what you leave behind."


Hi Bill,
WOW! All I can say is wow...and I helped! This has all touched my heart more than you can imagine! I am a full supporter of everything you do for these kids! It is amazing!
I am going to continue to make further efforts to raise funds for the wonderful causes that you provide to these children! I could not be happier with my decision of choosing your organization to not only help me, but help the kids!
I still have MANY hours to complete for my community service, and I am ready and willing to do what I can to further support your great causes! Thank you for opening my heart, soul, and eyes to this. I feel truly blessed to be a part of something so wonderful!

Dear Mr. Chafin,

Thank you SO much for the kind donation that arrived in our mail as a perfectly timed gift and blessing! We will certainly add your link to our website.

You have made a difference to our young and growing organization. The kids thank you.
Thank you again,
Anne Preston
Stride Ahead , Inc

Thank you very much, Bill! It’s been such a difficult year for many of our student families so your donation will be put to very good use to support their lessons! Thank you and please let me know if you are ever in town and would be interested in seeing our program first-hand.

Keep up the great work that you do!

Maureen Foster

Development Director
Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center


Hi, Bill.  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you sincerely for helping Liam to do therapeutic riding this past year.  It has been so rewarding for him!  We could have never anticipated the benefits.  He has had a lot of medical issues this year with his type 1 diabetes, so we've managed to extend the grant the entire year.  Thank you so much!  I have attached a photo that you can feel free to use.

Heather Lally


                  I want to thank you for helping my son with horseback therapy. I wanted to give you an update and a photo. My son was scared of the ocean,animals,noises,fourwheelers,gocarts,anything that is loud and even not so loud noises like when he covers his ears to pee pee's in the potty or when he clicks his seatbelt in the car. He would not touch an animal at all. All the times going with the school house to the corn maze pumkin patch field trip with the petting zoo..he would not touch them and would pull his hand away in fear..He was a little scared of these horses for therapy , but is not any longer. He loves going to horseback therapy. He does not speak much and is in speech therapy 2 times a week....just as soon as i get to the long gravel drive entrance he jumps out of his booster seat and climbs over to the front seat and says "Horsey " !!!!  I am so happy to see his face light up. You helped us and we have been going weather permitting weekly. I thank you so much for that. I am going to look for a picture of Justus on the horse to send to you in this e-mail.I was wondering how often can you help us with this therapy ? I think Justus has used up his sessions. I lost my job due to lay-off. I am unable to help Justus with these type of activities at this time. It has actually been a hardship to get gas. I do not know how often to ask for assisstance and was unaware of how many sesssions he got from the first time you got them. I just wanted you to know that i am taking him to them and he is enjoying them . I think it is helping his confidence,self worth,pride,body strengh, much....i read that Temple Grandin said , horseback therapy helps these childen because any activity that causes your body to balance itself and continue to rebalance itself over and over it will open the learning receptors in the brain. My son is currently in a separated autism classroom in the 3rd grade. He is reading on an early 1st grade level. I want to start giving reins from above Justus spelling words on index cards to repeat and go over while riding on the horse. I think if the learning receptors are open this would be an ideal time to attempt. I am asking for more therapy for Justus and i thank you again for any consideration. I hope this letter find you in great spirits and great health and i thank you for all you have done for Justus and all these special children. Justus is my greatest treasure.

Buffy Tapp

Yes, absolutely Michael had a fantastic time at the NASA space camp. He really had a good experience. Again, many thanks to Reachout America for the opportunity for Michael to attend camp. It really made his summer a special one.
Robert A.

Thank you Reachout America for sending our daughter to riding camp. We can’t tell you how much she enjoyed the camp and the people there. The most important part of this experience is how much this has helped with her cerebral palsy. Thank you so much again. This would have never happened without your organization’s help.
The Collins family

Reachout America
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